5 de diciembre de 2016

I'm in Brazil!

This whole experience has left me overflowing with gratitude. From the moment we were met by Vivi at the airport, until the moment we said our goodbye's at Escola Nacional, we were so well looked after and warmly welcomed everywhere we went. Most of our time was spend in the wonderfully inspiring National Circus school. I really enjoyed our time here - being able to take classes, being surrounded by the sweetest and insanely talented people, the delicious and nutricious plate of rice, beans and salad everyday, and then the rehearsals late into the evening. The hours were long and the creation process felt very slow and draining at times. For the last week before the show, 

I must admit I was feeling very worried and couldn't imagine how it would all come together - but of course, it all worked out in the end. Despite a very disappointing first show, our last night was a great success! The energy from the crowd was amazing and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I'm still finding it hard to believe this isn't all s dream and often feel like giving myself a slap in the face and shouting "I'M IN BRAZIL!" 

Thank you Javi, thank you Carampa, thank you Vinicius, Vivi, Crescer e Viver, Festival International de Circo de Rio, Escola Nacional de Circo, Mis Tahinis, Hector, Eleni, Akira, Laura, Dyego, Isabella, Lucas, Luis, Denise, Lurian, Sergio, Carlos, Casa Paschoal, and all of the beautiful, inspiring students and teachers who shared with us their space, time, knowledge and company.

Libby Halliday